Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Reno Diary - Going Home to Roost

Bonnie of Going Home to Roost and her husband David, purchased her grandparent's home in November, 2009.  After a lot of elbow grease and help from friends and family, they transformed a house, into a home of their own, and a beautiful one at that!  Today she shares a behind the scenes look into her home renovations....

Why did you decide to do a remodeling project?
My husband and i had been living in a tiny 900 sq foot apartment for the first year after we got married.  when my grandparents decided to put their house up for sale in order to move back to their hometown, i knew we wanted it.  i could see past all the frill and wallpaper borders and knew that we could make their home a perfect haven for us.  So, we put in our offer- they gladly accepted and out came the paintbrushes!

What, if any, design problems did you tackle during this renovation?
So my grandmother loved wallpaper borders- they were in every room!  Most came off pretty easily, but when we got to the bathrooms- we ran into major problems.  No device, steamer or wallpaper spray would get those borders off!  My grandmother said they were very expensive and were her favorite.  i couldn't help but think of her as i sat there picking away at the paper.  After an hour and only 2 inches of progress- we knew we had to do something else.  So, we added a thick crown molding to both bathrooms!!

Did you hire help or did you do the work yourself?
We sent out a really long cheesy poem to all of our friends asking for help.  if they would come for the weekend with their tools and good spirit, we would cook all the meals for them (i knew food could bribe them).  We had about 11 dear friends and family come for a weekend and were done with just about everything within about a week- whew!

Most satisfying moment during renovation?
When i walked into the kitchen after they had torn down a wall.  i was so nervous that it wouldn't look right, and i was so relived to see it was perfect!

What do you wish you would have known before you started?
If you paint even one door or piece of trim ultra white, you've got to PAINT EVERYTHING ultra white!

What is your favorite element of the completed project?
Hmm, i think my sewing room is my favorite element (close runner up is the kitchen).  i had been sewing in the corner of our bedroom for a year, so having a dedicated space for it has been a dream come true.

 Any advice to others?
It might be hard, but always look past simple things you can change: wall color, counter tops, carpet.  these are quick, easy and affordable upgrades that can really make your space updated.

Thank you Bonnie for sharing your reno project with us!  Check out Bonnie's blog for more information about her house renovations.  Her blog is one of my favorite daily reads!!

Photos courtesy of Bonnie, Going Home to Roost.

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