Friday, December 23, 2011

Interior of the Week

I want a shed just so I can decorate it like this during the holidays. I love the rustic look of the dogwood branch wreaths. I wish we were somewhere where a white Christmas might actually be possible. It's 80 degrees here and doesn't feel anything like Christmas which is probably contributing to my lack of holiday enthusiasm.  I can't believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow.  I still have so much to do!  I will be taking a few days off from blogging next week to enjoy the holidays and spend time with family and friends.   Have a wonderful holiday!  Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I am in love with this dining love.  We just recently moved a couple of glass doored bookcases from our office into our dining room.  It was meant to be a temporary fix to free up more space in our office but we ended up loving the way they looked so I think we are going to keep them.  Of course they aren't as remarkable as the beauties in this photo but they are still very nice.

Open storage can sometimes feel like more of a nightmare than a blessing because everything is always on display and needs to be styled in a way that is both functional and appealing to the eye.  One thing I've struggled with is linen storage, I've resorted to just stuffing everything in an empty cabinet where it can't be seen but I love the way they've displayed their pile of white linen napkins - right in the middle of everything else like they just belong there.  I'm definitely pulling inspiration from this pic when I style our shelves.

dining room
Source unknown via Pinterest

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sorry it's been a little quiet around here lately.  I've been feeling under the weather.  It seems the stress of the holidays has gotten the best of me and I've come down with a nasty head cold.

I have to admit I'm having a hard time getting into the holidays this year which is sad because this is my absolute favorite time of year.  There are just so many projects in the works that Christmas almost seems like a hurdle in my path rather than a blessed distraction!  I hope to share with you a few of these top secret projects I'm working on after the new year.  Until then I will share a few  inspiration photos that I'm using to help me get in the holiday mood...

I just finished wrapping all my gifts, now all I need to add are the embellishments.  I like simple things like bakers twine and pine cones.  I'm drawing inspiration from photos like this one with simple butcher paper, twine and stars.  Lovely....

black and white christmas inspiration

Isn't this citrus cake beautiful? I already have my Christmas dinner menu planned out but I am keeping this one marked for next year.

citrus cake

I'm seeing a lot of black and white Christmas decor this year. I have to admit that I love it. I don't know that I'm brave enough to ever pull it off in my own home but it is still beautiful to look at!

black and white christmas inspiration

On Christmas day I always like to keep snacks around for guests who want something to much on while waiting for dinner to cook. An assortment of mixed nuts and dried fruit is simple and easy and there is no prep work involved!  Add a few spice cookies and some sweets to the mix to appeal to all your guests tastes.

I love rustic and simple decor, especially in holiday decorating.  This table setting is so lovely isn't it?  A few cuttings from the tree, some small lanterns for candlelight, a few groupings of flowering paper whites and the tree sparkling in the background....a perfect setting for a holiday meal. 

rustic christmas table setting

Here's another rustic inspired table setting I love, this one has a little bit of color thrown in which really makes it feel festive.

rustic christmas table setting

Sources: Christmas wrapping inspiration via ett horn av eden / Citrus cake via Pure Vegetarian / Black and white Christmas inspiration via Lily / Holiday snacks via Stylizimo / Rustic Christmas table setting via Stylizimo / Red and white rustic Christmas via Lolalina

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Have you see {Mag}rouge yet?  It's a new online wedding magazine based in New Zealand that is full of beautiful inspiration and party ideas, even if you aren't planning a wedding!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Interior of the Week

This week's interior was spotted in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Mag and is the home of Ballard Designs creative director, Jill Sharp Brinson.  I am obsessed!  This home is absolutely stunning and I love the subtle holiday decor that really blends in to the existing design.  There are a ton more photos on the magazine's site so be sure to check them out

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

A few years ago my mom made this cocktail for Christmas that she had spotted on an HGTV special - a Pomegranate Champgane was delicious, super easy to make and the finished product is so pretty and festive! 

Cocktail Recipe, adapted from HTGV

A syrup made of 1 part simple syrup to 1 part Pom juice
Pomegranate seeds
Rimming sugar in a festive color (or you can make your own)

Place a few pomegranate seeds at the bottom of your champagne flute.  Add 2 teaspoons of the pomegranate syrup and fill the glass with champagne.  Enjoy!
pomegranate champagne cocktail
Sources: 1. Edge Flute via Crate and Barrel / 2. Pomegranate Rimming Sugar via Stirrings / 3. Pomegranate Juice via Pom Wonderful / 4. Moet & Chandon Golden Jeroboam via Susan Tabak / 5. Martini Pitcher via Williams-Sonoma / 6. Champagne Bucket via West Elm / 7. Fresh Pomegranates via Pom Wonderful / 8. Red Cocktail Napkins via Wisteria

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Creating a Home Bar for the Holidays

A home bar setup is a must have if you like to entertain and are becoming more and more common. I keep spotting them in all my favorite design magazines. They can be as simple as a basket full of liquors, a shaker and a few cocktail napkins or as elaborate as a bar cart full of top shelf liquor and all the accouterments.  We outfitted a small vintage wooden credenza that we picked up at a thrift store for $15 as our home bar.  It's the perfect size and has great storage.

home bar

If you will be entertaining at all this holiday season it's a good idea to stock up on the necessities. A few basic liquors that you will always want to have available are vodka, tequila, gin, and rum. You can also get fancy and show off to your friends a little by keeping a nice bottle of scotch and bourbon around.

home bar

You can't host a party without good wine and beer. Pick up a few of your favorite craft brews and choose a favorite, inexpensive wine that you can use as your "house wine". Buy it by the case for a discount and you will always have wine on hand. I always like to keep a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge for those special, unexpected 'good news' announcements or just because!

home bar

Stock up on basic mixers like soda, tonic water, cranberry and orange juice and keep an assortment of garnishes nearby for adding the finishing touch to a cocktail - cherries, lemons, limes, and olives are perfect. I like to use small vintage silver plated cups and dessert bowls in different styles to keep garnishes and mixed nuts and snacks handy on the bar.

home bar

Some essential bar tools are a great cocktail shaker - we picked up a beautiful glass vintage shaker for $10 at a local antique store. I'm not into those fancy, expensive gadgets that open wine - a waiter's corkscrew is simple, functional and easy to store, an added bonus is that it can open a beer bottle too! A shot glass or jigger is also handy. We use a vintage pyrex beaker like this one and display metal martini toothpicks in it while not in use.  A small ice bucket and tongs or a scoop are also a necessary addition to your bar. 

home bar

Once you've got your bar essentials, find a corner of your home where you can set everything up. Create a fabulous holiday play list, make some yummy hors d'oeuvres and invite over your closest friends for a holiday bash! 

home bar

Monday, December 5, 2011

Wood Buring Stoves

Ok so this might sound like a crazy idea because I live in Florida, but I have dreams of putting a wood burning stove in our dining room.  I love fireplaces and actually many of the homes built here in the 1920's do have fireplaces, unfortunately ours was built in the 60's and did not come equipped with such luxuries. 

The idea of having a mason worker come and install a full blown fireplace in this house is a little absurd.  But, a wood burning stove is equally, if not more beautiful and is much easier to install.  I know it seems odd to install a heating device when as I sit here and write this post it's 75 degrees outside and we are in December but it does get cold here and our home is concrete block so it really holds the cold in and our heater does not work well at all.  Plus, did I mention just how beautiful they are...

wood burning stove interior design

wood burning stove

wood burning stove interiors

wood burning stove

Thursday, December 1, 2011