Friday, August 20, 2010

Germany - Part 2

I promise to get back to a more routine posting schedule next week. I am still trying to get back on schedule after our vacation.  Today I'm sharing the second part of our trip to Germany - Bavaria. Bavaria was my favorite part of Germany. I really fell in love with it, the food was amazing, the quaint little villages and towns were so beautiful.  I love the flowers on all the houses and the workmanship that goes into all the details on a typical Bavarian home. 

I was so inspired on our trip by all of the great design elements I noticed.  One day we drove in to Austria and had lunch at a restaurant on the top of a mountain.  The inside of the restaurant was so cozy with wood paneling and sheep skins on all the seats and a beautiful wood burning stove in the middle of the restaurant.  It's exactly the feel I want in our house - cozy and inviting.

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