Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Kitchen Nook

I feel like such a slacker.  I have set so many goals for house projects and for some reason I cannot seem to get anything done but Mike and I are both so tired of our house not feeling like a home so now we are totally dedicated to putting the focus into our home.  I would really like to have some progress made by the holidays and I have these grand plans to throw an amazing house warming party sometime before next summer when it gets too hot to be outside again.  I get overwhelmed just thinking about everything there is to do so I am going to try and break things out into small weekly projects.  I want to try and tackle as many of these as I can and then I want to start focusing on the big things like hardwood floors and a new kitchen. 

One of the first projects I want to work on is the nook in our kitchen.  My plan is to paint the wall with magnetic chalk board paint.  We painted some closet doors in one of our NY apartments with magnet and chalkboard paint and I loved it.  It’s a design trend that I hope never disappears.  I also just really love the contrast of a black colored wall. 

There were a couple of problems with our chalkboard closet doors that I hope to rectify this time around.  The first problem being that the magnet paint did not work well at all and all the magnets slid down the wall.  I read that you have to use the entire contents of the paint jar to make sure you are getting all the magnetic particles on to the wall - makes sense.  The second problem we had was the mess the chalk made on the wall and once chalk had been used, the doors never had the luster they had when they were first painted.  I found two solutions for this.  Supposedly, according to a pub owner, you can use coca cola to clean the chalkboards and this will restore the original look.  Personally this sounds like I would just be setting up a giant free for all for every ant and bug in the neighborhood to come and lick coca cola off my walls or whatever it is that ants do.  The second and more suitable option for us is these chalkboard markers.  Supposedly they are all the rage and Starbucks even uses them, so they must be amazing. 

Marie Claire Maison

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