Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ikea Hacks

I've become obsessed with IKEA hacks lately.  We are working on our own hack with an Expedit bookcase as I type this.  If you remember, we've been wanting to install a small set of bookshelves in our living room along an empty wall.  Originally we planned on having them custom built but now with the baby arriving in just a few weeks and free cash going to other home reno projects, we just didn't have enough time or money to source this so in came some quick internet research and a great hack for extending the Expedit without the thick frame elements being side by side.  We plan on painting it and trimming it out so it looks like a custom, built-in piece for a lot cheaper.  Here are a few great hacks I came across in my search...

I love this light fixture hack inspired by Tom Dixon's pendant lighting collection.  I wish this would work in my dining room because I would totally consider it as an option but I think I am looking for something with a more light and airy feel.

ikea hack

The Centsational Girl has some truly great hacks in her archives but this bookshelf is one of my favorites.  She gave the black metal Vittsjo bookcases a great cottage feel by spray painting the shelves white and adding wooden shelves in place of the glass.  The final result is amazing and provides tons of storage.  I'm going to keep this one in the back of my mind for a future project I'm working on. 

ikea hack

This project makes me a little sad because these fabulous little wooden storage boxes are no longer available in the US. I have one that I bought years ago and it provides wonderful storage.  If you can get your hands on one of these boxes when traveling overseas it would be worth it for this project alone. I have always been on the lookout for a card catalog but they can be so pricey when you come across them, or too big, and most of them require modification because of the large open slot in the middle.  The Painted Hive came up with a genius, and cheap, way of making her own with the Ikea Moppe boxes.  At first glance, you can't even tell their not old!

ikea hack
This is probably one of my favorite Ikea hacks yet.  I am a huge fan of the color dip trend popping up everywhere lately and this console/entry table in coral (one of my favorite colors of the season) is a beautiful take on the trend.  You would never guess this was an Ikea piece.  I only wish my entryway was large enough to house a table like this.  The Sweet Beast did such a great job at making over this simple wooden Ikea sideboard which sadly after searching online, seems like is no longer available. 

ikea hack

I hope this has inspired you to come up with your own Ikea Hack, I know it has definitely made me look at the new Ikea catalog with a whole new set of eyes! I'm racking my brain for all the ways I could make over their furniture. Have you done your own Ikea hack or come across any great hacks lately? I would love to see them!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Putting together the nursery

3 weeks and the countdown begins!  I cannot believe I am just a few short weeks away from my due date.  We are in a frenzy finishing up last minute projects all around the house and while it's totally fulfilling my nesting habits as of late, I am sooo ready to have things quiet down for a bit so we can settle into being a little family of 3.

The nursery is our major focus right now.  All the big pieces are in place and we are just putting final touches on everything and finishing out the room with artwork and accessories. Our painter is almost finished - the chalkboard wall went up this weekend and the yellow stripes on the ceiling should be done sometime this week.  Here's a little sneak peek...

It was a little daunting seeing that black chalkboard wall go up but the more we go in the room, the more we love it.  The room gets a lot of light and all of the furniture is white so it's a great contrast and I know one day the baby is going to love drawing all over that wall!  This pic shows off the new floors as well.  Here are a few of the things we've collected so far, a couple of which you can see in the photo above...

Sources: 1. Flensted Elephant Party Mobile via 2Modern / 2. Sparrow Crib via Ouef / 3. Molded White Rocker via EZMod Furniture / 4. Yellow Braided Pouf via Land of Nod / 5. Adventure Lives Outside Your Tent Print via Lyla and Blu / 6. Sheepskin Rug via Oliver's Farm