Friday, August 6, 2010

Fashion Files - Airplane Attire

I am all about comfortable attire when traveling on a plane but I also like to feel good and look good when I arrive at my destination which is why I put together this super comfy but chic airplane attire.  I will definitely be wearing something like this when I board my flight to Germany this weekend.  

Leggings are pretty much essential for me when flying, they are comfortable and warm and you can easily remove them once you arrive at your destination.  In fact this entire outfit can be changed around for a super cute look when you get off the plane.  Remove the cardigan and leggings, change out the flats for some gladiators and add some great jewelry and you have yourself a completely new look! 

I splurged a little with the Cole Haan bag option, it's pricey but it's a timeless piece that will last for years.  I also really like the other bag which is aptly named, the "voyage flight bag".  Lucky for me, you can have two carry ons!

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Noodles and Waffles said...

I love leggings for flying. I recently read a blog where a woman wanted to fly half way across the world in jeans. Jeans. I think I would die. Great collection.