Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wabisabi Green EcoArt Pillows

I love the fun colors and designs of these eco-friendly, handprinted pillows from Wabisabi's EcoArt Collection.

EcoArt Leaf Collection

EcoArt Shore Collection

Product Submissions

I am working on lots of new blog features and that means I need your help!

Have you recently gotten married? As part of a new feature I will periodically be featuring weddings. I am looking for weddings that are creative, unique and/or non-traditional. I am looking for weddings that have not been featured on other blogs.

Have you renovated a room in your house? I would love to feature your before and after pictures.

Do you know of any interesting shops in your area that might be interested in being featured? I am looking for home shops, fashion shops, or shops that sell indie goods. I am not looking for big box or well known named stores.

Please e-mail all submissions to thedesignboards {at} gmail {dot} com

**Please note, I cannot use everything that is submitted. Content must be relevant and keep in line with the overall look and style of my blog. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Outdoor dining in style

I love this alternative use for a greenhouse...

Photo: House and Garden 2007


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