Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What does crushed orange velvet go with?

Our weekend was full, we had so much going on, but we did manage to get in a little thrifting and I finally checked out that vintage store I was telling you all about a few weeks ago.  The shop turned out to be incredible and the owner was so cool, she had some of the best vintage stuff.  Mike picked up a very cool, old Western shirt and I fell in love with all the old coats she had but of course they were either too small in the arm length (people were so much tinier back then!) or they were too big overall. 

We hit up a record store that we had never been to before either, all I can say is WOW!  You can get overwhelmed just entering the store if you don't know what you are looking for.  Luckily we knew exactly what we wanted and brought home Bob Marley, Journey, Pat Benatar, and Van Morrison.  We both agreed it's a lot more fun scouring the thrift stores and just 'finding' records (and a lot cheaper, we spent over 50 bucks, yikes!).

While thrifting, we didn't happen to find anything for the shop but we did find something for us, and yes it's that crushed orange velvet couch in the photos with the large "sold" sticker on it.  We bought it for $30.  We really like the clean lines and retro feel to it and it's actually kind of comfy.  We had a little buyers remorse after we bought it though.  The store was closing and the clerk was trying to make a sale so it went from $50 to $30 and we kind of panicked and said "ok, we'll take it."  Then we got in the car and looked at each other like what did we just do?! 

I quickly went online when we got home and did a search on retro couches and felt a little better about our purchase when I saw some cool interiors with couches like ours.  Don't worry, we totally have plans to reupholster it.  I like retro but I draw a line!  The great thing is, the couch has legs that are hiding underneath that hideous skirt so when we reupholster we are taking the skirt off to reveal the legs which will help give it a more mid century feel.   

The thing is, we've been couch shopping for months and we had our eye on a Mitchell Gold couch but we really are stuck on grey linen and that's not a color option that is easy to come by so when we saw this we thought, hey this would be a great reupholstering candidate.  Then, after a little more research, I came to the conclusion that not only could the couch be reupholstered but that I could do it myself.  I know, I know it sounds crazy but I am going to give it a try.  I checked out some books from the library and at the very least if I screw it up, it was only a $30 couch, right?  I will document the whole thing here so you can follow along to see if this will be a huge success or a huge failure!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

Photos: The Design Boards

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