Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Design Love - Sarah Richardson

I was flipping through the show lineup for HGTV the other night looking for that show about real estate in New York (I have a dream to own an apartment in the city someday) and saw a show called Sarah's House with Sarah Richardson.  The show follows her and her assistant, Tommy as they go through the process of completely gutting and renovating Sarah's country house. 

Years ago I used to watch Sarah on HGTV when she had a show about her interior design firm.  I have always loved her designs which I feel are very warm and inviting.  She has a love for old things and always finds a way to incorporate antiques into her designs.  Her website has tons of inspiring photos of her portfolio with a source sheet for each room.  She also has lots of great design tips on her site and she even has a line of furniture. 

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