Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let the bathroom reno begin...

The rehearsal dinner for the wedding in NY this past weekend was at The Smith in the East Village. We were seated downstairs in their private dining area. When we walked in, the first thing I noticed was the wallpaper.

Mike and I are about to reno our guest bathroom.  It's a fairly small space and I want to make a big impact. One of the ideas I have is to wallpaper in something bold and graphic because really, you can only get away with stuff like that in small spaces. I have scoured every wallpaper source I know of and can't find anything I really love. That is, until I walked into The Smith last Friday night. I love this wallpaper. It's simply black and white photos of various people and places all layered on top of each other.  It should be pretty easy to do ourselves with some of our own photos and others we find that pertain to our life and our history, plus it will be completely custom, which I love.  I am compiling lots of other ideas for this bathroom project that I will hopefully be able to share next week. 

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