Thursday, January 20, 2011

Behind the Thrift - A new feature

Today I am introducing a new feature, Behind the Thrift where I will be sharing some of my tips and tricks for successful thrifting and antiquing as well as some behind the scenes looks at shopping for vintage clothing, accessories, and home goods for our house and our vintage shop

I remember before becoming a die hard thrifter how intimidated I was by the whole thing. It always seemed like everyone was finding these amazing things at thrift stores and every time I visited I seemed to turn up nothing but junk. I have found that the key to becoming successful at thrifting is persistence and patience.

If you only visit a thrift store every now and then, chances are you aren't going to find much.  In the beginning I would go once every few weeks, when I remembered too or when I passed by one, sometimes I would find something cool but usually I would come home empty handed.  Now I visit several stores a week and my favorites, I visit numerous times a week.  By doing this I have scored some truly amazing finds like a gorgeous antique credenza with inlaid wood for $15, our mid century dresser for $20, several vintage coats, and about half of my current wardrobe!

Don't think that every trip is going to turn up things like this.  To find all of these things I had to come home empty handed, a lot.  There are weeks that go by when my trips don't turn up a single thing.  This can become really frustrating and a little depressing but it's totally worth it when you have that one amazing day where it seems like the clerks laid everything out in the store just for you (and trust me there will be days like this!)

Map out the thrift stores that are close to your house and visit them often, at least once a week.  Ask the clerks if the stores have special sale days.  The Salvation Army has 50% off of clothing on Wednesdays and weekly furniture sales that usually run on Fridays or Saturdays.  Get to the store as early as you can on these days to find the best items.  Have fun with and don't get discouraged, before you know it you will have established your own thrifting route and will be coming home with tons of amazing finds!

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hammeneggs said...

I'm going to love your "Thrifting tips" and look forward to more! Do you have a certain day of the week that seem to be the "it" days?

The Design Boards said...

Hi Stacy,
I'm so glad you like the new feature!

It really varies in terms of "it" days. I like to visit at the beginning of the week because they usually restock after the weekend rush and you are bound to find great items.

also on sale days first thing in the morning when the store opens because the store will have usually put out fresh stock in preparation for the sale.

I love Wednesdays at the Salvation Army, clothes are half off and I usually always find something to bring home!

its simple love said...

Thanks for the tips! When I started going regularly Iit definitely made a difference!