Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dining room tables new vs. vintage

I have been so impressed with West Elm lately, their collection of home goods and furniture has expanded tremendoulsy and the styling in their recent catalogs is beautiful.  I love that they are featuring artwork and designs by etsy sellers throughout their catalog. 

I've been eyeing this dining room table for a couple of weeks now and am seriously considering making the purchase.  I just really can't decide if I want to go with a new piece or something vintage.  Almost every piece of furniture in our house is vintage and I really love the idea of a large rustic dining room table with a lot of character and age but I also like and am drawn to the simplicity and design of the West Elm table.  What are your opinions on new versus vintage?  Are you drawn to one over the other.  They both seem to have their advantages and their drawbacks. I just can't seem to decide which is right for our house.

dining room tables

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