Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vintage Love - Barking Sands Vintage

This week's Vintage Love features Jeni of Barking Sands Vintage.  Jeni's parents were antique dealers and it's obvious that she has a great eye for vintage finds because her shop is filled with such a beautiful collection of home accessories.  I am in awe of the chenille beadspreads, someone please buy them all before I am tempted to!

What do you love about vintage?
I love the endless possibilities of vintage. I love the countless styles to choose from and the random object that will surprise me. I love the hunt and I love being on the road and I love the thrill of victory when I find a great piece. I love learning something new every day.

What is the best item you have ever come across when you have been vintage/thrift shopping?
My parents were antique dealers, so I’ve been lucky to see a lot of good stuff in my life. There are pieces that are great finds in financial terms—buy it for $50, sell it for $1000. That is nice, but it is more often the fun, little pieces that make me really happy, like a camp blanket in a pretty color or a sweet little Victorian cake plate in a nice pattern.

Do you have a style or method you use when vintage/thrift shopping?
I believe in the scattershot approach—I will go anywhere and look at anything, anytime. Shops, malls, shows, thrift shops, you name it. That said, I have certain ‘runs’ that I like to make, day trips to certain areas where I know there is a concentration of good shops. When I plan things right, I’ll go to the opening of a big show coupled with a few other stops. Exhausting, but fun.

Is there one tip you could share that might help someone who is new to thrifting and vintage shopping?
If you’re new to vintage shopping, you have to train your eye to what is right and what is a reproduction, which will only happen over time. Start slowly and be persistent—it’s a marathon, not a sprint! Even if you don’t buy anything, every trip you make to a shop is part of your education and worth your time and energy. You can read all the books in the world, but only by looking at and handling objects will you learn. And--wear comfortable shoes, and bring water and a snack so you don’t get cranky while you're shopping.

Thank you Jeni for participating in this week's Vintage Love.

Photos courtesy of Jeni, Barking Sands Vintage

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