Monday, October 25, 2010

My weekend...

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. My mom and I went antiquing in Arcadia. Arcadia is like the antiquing capital of Florida, they have a main street in the town and it is literally antique store after antique store. On the 4th Saturday of every month they have an antique fair which is why we chose this weekend to go. We had a blast but we were told that the best time to come to a fair is in January or February where they get over 150 dealers lining the streets and parking lots. We are already planning that trip.

While I didn't come home with much I still had a blast shopping with my mom and I did not come home empty handed. I scored a ziploc bag full of vintage thread on wooden spools which I plan on displaying in our studio when it's done and I found a sugar spoon to add to my collection. It's silver plated and has Loon Lake House engraved in the handle...I imagine it came from an old inn or B&B. I had my eye on a bunch of other things but showed restraint. The only piece I am regretting is a beautiful glass cake stand with a dome for $12!! My mom thinks it was a reproduction but it was still gorgeous and at that price I really wish I would have grabbed it.

The rest of my weekend was spent catching up on things and working on my couch reupholstery project. I got the first piece of fabric on it last night and it looks great! I can't wait until it's complete. I'm striving to get it done before the holidays.
Photos: The Design Boards

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