Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Europe Bound

We just bought our tickets to go to Germany.  We leave in 4 weeks.  I am both excited and terrified.  I have never booked a trip of this magnitude within 4 weeks of travel - my passport is being held hostage at the passport offices and who knows if it will show up in time, connection times are short and involve a transfer from JFK to LGA (ugg), our seats on the plane are anything but good and I haven't learned nearly as much German as I hoped too before I visited the country. 

I've never been so glad to have a German husband in all my life who has promised me things like flea markets in Berlin, castles in Bavaria, hikes and bike rides through the forest in his home town, sausage and beer like you would not believe (I am hanging up my flexitarian hat on this vacation so I can experience Germany in the true "meat-eating" way everyone else does), and of course all the transaltion necessary!  Auf gehts!

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