Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vintage Love - Vintage by Alex Keller

This week's Vintage Love features Alex from Vintage by Alex Keller.

What do you love about vintage?
I love that it's different - not something that you can pick up at Target or the Gap.  Not that there's anything wrong with that - I love Target and the Gap.

What is the best item you have ever come across when you have been vintage/thrift shopping?
I found this great lidded jar that's a cigarette holder - so very glamorous.

Do you have a style or method you use when vintage/thrift shopping?
I go thrifting when I can - sometimes my 4 year old son is in tow and that makes for a short trip.  I have certain stores that I frequent because they're close and others that I go to occasionally....there always seems to be a new one I haven't been to or an old one I didn't know about.

Is there one tip you could share that might help someone who is new to thrifting and vintage shopping?
It's the same principle designers use for decorating and collecting art - buy what you like.

Thank you Alex for participating in this week's Vintage Love.

Photos courtesy of Vintage Love.

Alex can be found at:
Etsy shop

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