Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vintage Love - Fancy Cat Vintage

This week's Vintage Love features Tif of Fancy Cat Vintage.   Fancy Cat Vintage has a fabulous assortment of vintage fashion...I love every one of her finds!

What do you love about vintage?
I love anything that can be "re-used" or "re-purposed"...I don't know, I guess it's the feeling of not having to call something "officially" trash or useless.  Maybe it's the hippie in me wanting to RECYCLE everything.  I keep the most random things in hope that I'll be able to use it again some day.

What is the best item you have ever come across when you have been vintage/thrift shopping?
We found this thing, we called it a "Madeline" dress.  It was an emerald green baby doll style dress with a black ribbon bow and collar (just like Madeline's dress) sold for almost $200!!

Do you have a style or method you like to use when vintage/thrift shopping?
No, we just kind of find what we find.  There's no telling what there's going to be but the hunt is always fun.  Old communities like Long Beach and Pomona, California have great vintage stuff!

Is there one tip you could share that might help someone who is new to thrifting and vintage shopping?
I will say, the "trashier" the place, the better!!  The cheap junk is always the good junk!

Thank you Tif for participating in this week's Vintage Love.

Photos courtesy of Fancy Cat Vintage.

Tif can be found at:


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