Thursday, January 28, 2010

All in the Details...Part One

At the time I got my wedding photos back, I was in the midst of the crazy holiday madness and only had time to throw up a few photos.  Now I would like to share some of the details that made me so crazy for the year leading up to our big day.

Our table cards were by far my favorite wedding project and probably the one we received the most compliments on.  Over the year and a half leading up to our wedding I scoured the wedding blogs constantly looking for inspiration and ideas.  I had seen many people who used photos of themselves and hung them around the guestbook and the gift table and this sparked the idea that instead of using photos of us (because honestly by the time the weekend was over, people were probably sick of seeing photos of us!) I decided to make our table cards photos of our guests.

We had a very small wedding (60 people) and from the beginning we wanted it to feel very personal and a reflection of the fact that we only had our very close friends and family in attendance (we put our foot down on every…”you should invite my neighbor’s cousin who I went to high school with and haven’t spoken to in 10 years but met you once when you were 5 and should get an invitation!”  If they didn’t know us well, and as a couple, we kept them off of our guest list)  We collected our favorite pictures of all of our guests (this is when Facebook came in very handy!) and pasted them on card stock to make them look like Polaroids with the table number printed on the bottom of the card.  We attached them onto twine with miniature clothes pins.  It was such a huge hit and one of my favorite details.

I have always loved “Thank You” wedding photos.  I made this thank you bunting with fabric scraps and bias tape.  Using Snapfish, we made our thank you cards out of the photo.  I love the way it turned out.


Photos: Kyle Hale

Next week I will share more of our wedding details which includes our centerpieces, flower arrangements, and wedding favors


Melissa A said...

These are some pretty clever ideas. I really like the thanky card idea. You look great and so does your little doggie.

Allison said...

Such beautiful details! I wish I could have been there:( Cant wait to see more pics!

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It is from such small details that we create our common opinion about the event and are able to make this impression unforgettable.