Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fashion Files - Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit Inspiration

I've definitely got the holidays on my mind - I'm so excited that Thanksgiving is next week!  I love a reason to get a little more done up than usual and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to put on a fancy outfit and eat way too much food.  Today I put together three outfit ideas for three different holiday dinner scenarios.  Hopefully this will give you a little inspiration...

For some of you, this holiday may be the first time you are meeting your significant other's family or if you've only had a few awkward encounters up til now, this may be the first time you'll be spending real quality time with them.  You will want to look and feel confident and cute.  A simple dress with tights is a great option, it's casual but not fussy and you will by no means be under dressed.  A few great but understated accessories are key, a smart looking handbag and sexy but conservative heels will make you feel your best.

outfit ideas for the holidays

Sources: 1. Navy Silhouette Tunic via Oasis / 2. Year of Color October Ring via Kate Spade / 3. Scotch Naturals Flying Scotsman via Spirit Beauty Lounge / 4. Lee Angel Five Strand Bracelet via Intermix / 5. Biennial Satchel via J.Crew / 6. Sternlein Organic Opaque Tights via Polyvore / 7. Gatsby Shoes via Fergie Shoes

If you are lucky enough to be attending this year's dinner as a guest only, all you really have to worry about is finding a great outfit and the perfect hostess gift.  Wear a cute fitted blazer with something sexy and shimmery underneath.  A scarf and some killer heels will elevate the look and make you feel dressed up.  A few great accessories and the perfect shade of pink nail polish will complete the look.
outfit ideas for the holidays

Sources: 1. Boyfriend Blazer via Topshop / 2. Gold Lurex Tank Top via My Wardrobe / 3. Ankora Gold Triangle Earrings via Max & Chloe / 4. Moto Bordeaux Cord Skinny Jeans via Topshop / 5. Glasses via H&M / 6. Clutch via H&M / 7. Scarf Nice C via Mango / 8. Camel Platform Sandals via Stylebop / 9. Jade Rose Nail Polish via Chanel

If you are hosting the big day, you will no doubt be working your ass off before your guests arrive but will still want to look effortlessly chic and put together.   Simple and elegant is the key.  Short sleeves are best, especially for last minute dish washing and prep work.  Wear something shimmery and slim fitting so you still feel sexy even after you've had your hand up the turkey's unmentionable area.  Keep a fitted blazer on standby to throw on before guests arrive and wear a cute (and comfortable) pair of flats since you will have undoubtedly been standing for the last several hours in the kitchen.  A simple gold watch will allow you to keep track of anything waiting in the oven. A few strands of gold necklaces elevate the look and a dark shade of nail polish is the perfect finishing touch.

outfit ideas for the holidays

Sources: 1. Boxy Flecked Roll Sleeve Tee via Topshop / 2. Black Blazer via Topshop / 3. African String Necklaces via Calypso St. Barth / 4. Skinny Jeans via The Outnet / 5. Mallachy Ballet Flats via Topshop / 6. Gold Bracelet Watch via Debenhams / 7. Scotch Naturals Hot Toddy via Spirit Beauty Lounge