Monday, October 24, 2011

Reno Diary - Our Living Room

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We were super busy working on house projects - many of which I will be sharing soon. Mike and I discussed the plans for our guest bathroom remodel which we should be starting in a few weeks and I finally found a fabric option for our living room pillows.  One of my favorite French vintage shops on etsy had this amazing French mattress ticking in blue and white.  I am such a sucker for ticking so I grabbed it!   I've also been shopping for a vintage wood legged ottoman (something like this) to go on the other side of our mid century lounge chair so I'm considering it as a fabric for the ottoman too.  I guess I will make up my mind when it arrives...all the way from Paris, ugg - I am so not patient when it comes to waiting on the post office!
vintage french mattress ticking

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Laura Edson said...

I am admired to the couple because they also love antics like me. i have a 90 year old sala set at my house together with center table made with narra wood. hope to read more from you thanks and godbless.