Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vintage Love - Rare Treasure

Good morning!  Today's Vintage Love features Robyn of Rare Treasure.  Robyn has such an amazing collection of vintage clothing, it's hard to pick a favorite!!  Be sure to read her interview and check out her shop and blog

What do you love about vintage?
Shopping for vintage is such a treasure hunt and I love that!  You never really know what you will find.

What is the best item you have ever come across when you  have been vintage/thrift shopping?
I once found a vintage Missoni sweater for $5.49!  I was hanging on to that thing so tight, really excited that no one had found it yet, haha!  It ended up not really fitting me well so I passed it on to a friend, but oh the thrill of that find!

Do you have a style or method that you use when vintage/thrift shopping?
My method is to basically go as often as I can.  Most thrift shops are continually putting new stuff out all day, so the more you go, the more chance you have at catching that amazing piece.  And I never set out to find anything specific.  I have learned that if I do that, guaranteed, I will never find it.  It's much better to just get out there, and be pleasantly surprised by what I wasn't looking for.

Is there one tip you could share that might help someone who is new to thrifting and vintage shopping?
My tip would be to be open minded.  A lot of times, things just need a little tweak to look modern - a simple shortening of a skirt, or even just adding a belt, or rolling up the sleeves.  It's all about the interpretation - and when you make it your own, you will end up with something really cool, no doubt!

Thank you Robyn for participating in this week's Vintage Love.

Photos courtesy of Robyn, Rare Treasure

Robyn can be found at:
Etsy shop

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