Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A birthday list...

Today is my birthday, my last year as a twenty-something.   I wish I could say I am accepting this whole aging thing with grace and dignity but I'd be lying. 

Inspired by some other blogger's birthday lists, I have created a list of 30 things I would like to accomplish before I turn 30.  I will keep you all updated on my status.  There's nothing like accountability to get you motivated.
 1. Learn German.
2. Throw an amazing holiday party.
3. Take a one year anniversary trip.
4. Do more craft projects.
5. Read more books.
6. Take yoga classes.
7. Grow a successful garden.
8. Reupholster our new couch.
9. Throw an elegant dinner party.
10. Take a challenging hike.
11. Landscape the house.
12. Make our house into a home that is a true reflection of us.
13. Try something new.
14. Throw a football brunch.
15. Take time for me.
16. Learn calligraphy.
17. Explore a career in writing.
18. Plan an exotic trip.
19. Bake a fabulous cake from scracth.
21. Visit flea markets and antique shows.
22. Cook Middle Eastern food.
23. Make gnocchi.
24. Screen print.
25. Go all out decorating the house for Christmas.
26. Take a weekend trip with Mike.
27. Learn how to make cheese.
28. Learn how to use our camera and take good pictures.
29. Make french macaroons.
30. Get my jeans altered so they fit perfectly.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday Candice! I am not feeling the whole turning 30 next year thing either... my bday's on Saturday so I am totally feeling the pain. Hope you have a great day!

shellie said...

Happy Birthday...dont worry about your 30s coming up...i found my 30s were way better than my i am hoping my 40s will even better!

The Design Boards said...

Thanks! Happy Birthday Karen!!!

I keep trying to tell myself the 30's will be better but the 20's were pretty incredible!!

one sydney road said...

Happy Birthday! Your 30's will be wonderful...especially with such a fun list like this! Love that idea :)