Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blog Love

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  Mine was great and included a very special V-day dinner with my favorite group of people, we pulled the Polaroid camera out and snapped a few fun photos...I am so in love with my polaroid...I love how every photo looks like it was taken in the 80's in someone's rec room.

So, as another homework assignment from Holly and Leslie's BYW class, this week, I am introducing you to 5 blogs that I have recently started reading and why.  Hopefully some of these will be new to you too and you'll find some great new reads!

Blog 1: Darling Dexter
Many of you who follow the wedding blogs, may already know the husband and wife team behind Oh, Darling!  Whitney, the wife in that husband and wife team, authors Darling Dexter which is quickly becoming one of my daily must-read blogs.  Whitney and her husband recently relocated to New York City (she even lives in my old neighborhood!) so that Whitney can pursue her dream of attending fashion school at Parsons.  Yes, not only is she a wonderful photographer, she is also a wonderful seamstress!  Her blog catalogs design, photography and her adventures in NYC as a fashion student.

Blog 2: The Rockstar Diaries
Seriously, cannot get enough of Taza's blog.  This is one of those blogs that you start reading and then keep going back through the archives to read each and every post ever published!  Taza and her husband live in DC with their adorable pup, Kingsley (seriously cute, like, maybe even cuter than my dog!)  Taza's blog is real and warm and inviting and she makes some seriously awesome headbands that I am no doubt adding to my wishlist!

Blog 3: Nestled In
I actually found this blog through Darling Dexter (I love it when that happens!)  This is just a really great source of real interior design inspiration.  Katja and Minna live in Finland and started this blog when they moved in together.  They share beautiful photos of their home, and they might be the best thrifters ever (or people in Finland only throw away beautiful things!)

Blog 4: Wit and Whistle
Wit and Whistle is chock full of great inspiration like fashion vignettes, crafting tutorials, yummy recipes, weekly sketches, and she often showcases items from her beautiful stationary line.   

 Blog 5: Busy Bee
I found Busy Bee through her beautiful Flickr images.  The Busy Bee blog is full of great photography, styling ideas, beautiful interior inspirations, and craft projects.  If you are looking for a little interior inspiration, this is the place to visit!

All photos courtesy of their respective blogs.

So, now that I've shared with you...what blogs are you lovin' right now?  I am always looking for more blogs to add to my google reader so if you have a secret gem you've been hiding, please share!


GOSIA said...

Oh, this is funny. I also found NESTLED IN last week and I love it!!I thing the hues there are fantastic!

GOSIA said...

... think... of course;)

The Design Boards said...

Haha, that is funny....such a great blog isn't it?