Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sorry for the quietness

Wow, sorry it's been so quiet in this space for a little while.  We sort of hit a brick wall after we painted our dining room and haven't been doing much creatively or otherwise.  As I look back on my last posts they almost exactly coincide with when our little one became mobile...game.changer.  Seriously.  When parents tell you things like that, you think yeah right but it's no joke...she's into everything! 

Of course, we're starting to get the itch again (to decorate, not to have more kids) and I'm buzzing with house projects, honey-do lists, and tons of inspiration and ideas.  We're still recovering from the financial shock of last year's renovation projects so everything we have in mind is budget (and kid) friendly.  If you can believe it, the nursery never did get finished and while it is awfully cute, it still needs a few last minute touches - before L is able to start telling me what she wants in there!

Here's my current project list:

* finish wall of cabinets/desk area in kitchen

* curtains for dining room

* find cabinet/storage solution for glassware over our bar

* find a shelving option for dining room above credenza

* blackout shades/curtains for L's room

* finish organizing L's closet

* find shelving for L's room

* new pillows & bedding for our bed

* refinish chair & mirror in our bedroom

* style our new nightstands

* curtains for our room

* finish painting bookcase in living room / add backing / style

* make coffee table book of our travel photos for the living room

* artwork - framing projects, L's room, dining room, family photos

* buy white frames for family photos to hang throughout the house

* clean & organize garage

* work on backyard & patio

We are still a bit of a way off from our kitchen renovation but I'm collecting tons of inspiration.  I can't wait to rip out our upper cabinets and create beautiful open shelving like this...

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