Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stylish & Functional Household Essentials

It seems that many of the common household necessities we all keep on hand are just so...unattractive.  Things like sewing kits, pencil sharpeners, and others of the like are a 'must have' but also a 'must keep hidden' because of their boring, ugly and utilitarian nature. 

First spotting this gorgeous, dare I even say sexy looking fire extinguisher on Pinterest a while back had me thinking that there must be other beauties out there like it - other common household goods that we all tend to keep stashed away in a junk drawer or storage closet but that had been made beautiful by like minded, style obsessed people

So I started searching - looking around my house for inspiration and finding that there were so many things that I consider a necessity and that had been made pretty - pretty enough to keep out on display, all the time if I had to.  Things like this French press, which to give credit, aren't bad to look at on their own but wrap it in gold and it's suddenly a stunning conversation piece on the kitchen counter.  Extension cords are another cringe worthy necessity - bright orange, tangled contraptions usually come to mind but these cloth covered beauties might even be better than the bedside lamp they are connected to. 

I'm curious, do you have any household items that you can't live without but must keep hidden in the confines of a cabinet or closet because they are just too ugly to look at or have you found a beautiful counterpart to it like the ones below?

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