Wednesday, June 6, 2012

British Pub Style

Mike and I are escaping our house renovations and sneaking away to France for a 'babymoon' of sorts while the floors are being installed in a couple of weeks.  I love traveling to Europe because I am always so inspired by their cozy but chic, nearly effortless design aesthetic.  Last year when we were in England I was totally enamored by the style of the beautiful pubs we visited.  Here in the states, the thought of a pub conjures an image of a dark bar with bad lighting, no windows, and the smells of stale alcohol and bad fried food. Real British pubs are nothing like that, they are cozy and intimate places to meet with family and friends while sipping on a good beer and enjoying locally produced food. 

If you like the idea of bringing a little British pub style into your own home, I've put together this design board of bits and pieces that are reminiscent of the cozy, local gathering spots I visited while in England last summer. 

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