Monday, March 19, 2012

A long list of to-do's

Hello...anyone still here?  I am so sorry for the lengthy absence.  For a bit there I thought this pregnancy had really gotten the best of me but over the last few weeks, as the nausea and exhaustion have gradually subsided, I've started to feel more like myself and I'm finding these random bursts of energy where I do things like clean the entire garage from top to bottom.  It also seems like the creativity and inspiration are creeping back in and I'm going to need it because we have a very long list of to-do's to prepare for this little one.

1. Have custom bookshelves built for living room
2. Remove wall between kitchen and dining rooom
3. Create new floor plan for kitchen and install new cabinets
4. Paint dining room
5. Enclose screen porch and convert to office space and guest room
6. Install french doors to backyard from dining room
7. Make roman shades for bedrooms, kitchen, and dining room
8. Pick out curtains for dining room french doors
9. Paint nursery
10. Pick out flooring and install
11. Trim work
12. Paint all closet and interior doors
13. Recessed lighting in nursery, hallway, kitchen
14. New ceiling fan in nursery
15. New dresser and nightstands for master bedroom
16. Furnishings for nursery
17. Sell furniture and other items in garage
18. Remodel bathroom
19. Order and install custom closet for master bedroom
20. Extend outdoor patio
21. Exterior landscaping
22. New fence for backyard
23. Find pillows for living room

I had to stop at 23 because I was getting overwhelmed.  Obviously not everything is a priority - landscaping the exterior isn't imperative...I'm sure the baby won't notice for a few years anyway but as long as I'm making the list I might as well include everything. I'm thinking of plastering these Keep Calm prints all over the house just to get through it.  Suddenly this pregnancy seems like it's progressing at warp speed because there is so much to do before he (or she) gets here...