Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fresh Flowers...

One of my goals for this year was to start a cutting garden. I love fresh flowers and unfortunately we don't have access to any great floral markets here so I always end up with supermarket bouquets, which is generally fine but there isn't much variety. I would love to have a little garden of flowers just for using to display around the house. I love the simple look of wildflower bouquets and greenery.  Anyone have any good bloom suggestions to get me started?  Preferrably things that are easy to grow and tolerate high Florida heat.

This is one of my favorite flower displays.  I love these brown apothecary bottles and have been collecting them from antique stores for a while now.  They are perfect for single blooms and greenery.  I love the contrast of brown against green - much prettier than a typical clear vase.

This display reminds me of the flowers that were in our hotel room in England last summer, a fresh display of wild flowers.  I love groupings like this, always so bright and cheerful!

What's not to love about this display?  I love the simple look of white and green flowers together.  I love this idea of using a large glass vase and putting simple flowers inside.  I'm also mildy obsessed with that table in the photo!


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful flower arrangements!
To plant flowers in Florida, try this site:

The Design Boards said...

Thanks! I will definitely check out the link.