Monday, December 5, 2011

Wood Buring Stoves

Ok so this might sound like a crazy idea because I live in Florida, but I have dreams of putting a wood burning stove in our dining room.  I love fireplaces and actually many of the homes built here in the 1920's do have fireplaces, unfortunately ours was built in the 60's and did not come equipped with such luxuries. 

The idea of having a mason worker come and install a full blown fireplace in this house is a little absurd.  But, a wood burning stove is equally, if not more beautiful and is much easier to install.  I know it seems odd to install a heating device when as I sit here and write this post it's 75 degrees outside and we are in December but it does get cold here and our home is concrete block so it really holds the cold in and our heater does not work well at all.  Plus, did I mention just how beautiful they are...

wood burning stove interior design

wood burning stove

wood burning stove interiors

wood burning stove

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