Thursday, July 14, 2011


"Objects are the secret language of a home.  They transmit intimate messages about the inhabitant.  The presence of an object, ugly or pretty, is justified by the owner's connection to it.  They can have sentimental value and relate to memories, or they can be chosen based on sheer beauty, humor, purpose, uselessness, or simply mysterious appeal."  - Lili Diallo, Details

I've been reading Details by Lili Diallo and I came across this paragraph on objects in the home.  I've been thinking a lot about objects lately.  We are building a wall of bookshelves in our living room where we plan to display our favorite books and collections - purchases from our travels, our favorite vintage finds that we couldn't bear to put up for sale in the shop - items that tell who we are, what we enjoy, where we've been.  Through these objects, we tell the story of us.  What objects do you keep on display in your home?  What do you enjoy collecting?


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