Monday, June 27, 2011

Entertaining with ease

There is no doubt that we all do a little more entertaining over the summer.  I love having people over and over time I've developed a list of go-to items I always keep on hand and tips that make the whole process of entertaining much easier.  The key is to always be ready for the unexpected and to make it look effortless, this puts both you and your guests at ease.

favorites items for entertaining
No. 8 Radius wine

Keep a few bottles of your favorite red and white wine on hand.  In fact, find one you absolutely love and buy it by the case (most vendors will give you a discount).  Make this wine your "house" wine, the wine you serve at every occasion and always have at the ready when guests stop by.

dresser turned into bar

Keep luxurious chocolate bars, fancy jams and crackers, gourmet jars of olives and nuts, and varieties of fine loose leaf teas in your pantry so at a moments notice you can put together a beautiful spread that looks like it took a ton of time to prepare.

tea time

Don't serve things in the jars or packaging they came in.  It will seem more thoughtful and add a more personal touch to your table.  I love Weck jars and always keep some on hand.  Not only are they great for giving as gifts (I give my favorite loose leaf teas as gifts in them) but they also make beautiful containers at the table for Nutella or yogurt.

antipasto platter

Most importantly, make people feel at home and like they can help themselves by making everything ready and accessible - A bar set up with mixers, garnishes, and spirits.  Bottles or pitchers of water on a credenza with glasses nearby.  Cocktail napkins and appetizer plates on hand near the snacks.

martini bar

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Nat @ dear little house said...

Some great tips! I always have nibbles on hand, just in case someone pops by unexpectedly.