Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shop Update

We've been adding items to the shop that we picked up on our recent trip to the mountains.  we plan on adding several more items over the next few weeks including more deer antlers which have been selling out very quickly! 

While we were on our trip we stopped at an antiques mall in Franklin, NC and spent a few hours inside but I could have easily spent days exploring all the booths.  There were some truly great finds, we picked up a lot of things for the shop and a couple of things just for us!  There was a booth full of vintage medical and science supplies which are always my favorite to browse through.  I am dying to bring home an old medical or dental cabinet but I haven't found one that likes my budget yet!

Be sure to keep an eye out for daily shop updates in the coming weeks.  Now through the month of March use coupon code "MARCH11BLOG" for 10% off of anything in the shop!

apt22 vintage shop

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