Thursday, March 25, 2010

Over the weekend we stopped at a thrift store we don't usually go to but they have a really great furniture selection (and I tend to have serious moments of weakness and come home with something we don't need and won't fit into our house!)

We spotted this really great credenza that was perfect for the bar area we are going to create in our dining room but it was pretty beat up and we already have a dresser we are going to use for that purpose so we didn't really need it. The only great thing about it was the beautiful inlaid wood on the top and the fact that it was mid century and more our style than the piece we are currently planning on using.

The thing that really caught my eye though, was this beautiful armoire. It was gorgeous, about 6 feet tall with two doors and hanging poles on either side and a shelf that still had the original label in place that said "hats". I don't know where we would have put this thing in our house because it was big and our house is not, but it was so perfect and I have been thinking about it all week. The piece is probably long gone but oh how I wish I would have brought it home.

Photo: The Design Boards
* I really need to start taking photos on my thrifting trips, this is not actually from this weekend but from a really great salvage store in Savannah we went to over the summer!

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one sydney road said...

oh how i understand! has happened to me many times. actually one time it happened as my husband and i were walking in our neighborhood and someone had thrown away this great hammond piano...we both still regret that we didn't pick it up!!