Friday, July 17, 2009

Travel by Design - The Surf Lodge

The Surf Lodge, located on Fort Pond in Montauk, is the epitome of great hotel design.  It's got just the right mix of fun and funky and has that bohemian chic look that I love. 

The vibe is cozy and relaxed.  You instantly feel at home, like you're spending the weekend at your friend's beach cottage.  A great summer getaway!  If you're not already convinced that you should start packing your bags and make a reservation, the restaurant's executive chef is former Top Chef contestant, Sam Talbot!

Photos: The Surf Lodge

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Sydney said...

I am LOVING you blog... i just came across it when looking at your feature on and I am addicted already. You are a beautiful writer.. so talented. Thanks for all you share.. can't wait to check out the Surf Lodge!!